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Our 6 Covid19 protocols

1) Social Distancing
Currently, we are training in 3m/3m squares (see image) and trying to operate at 2m social distancing at all times.

2) No equipment sharing
When you come to the gym, you grab your equipment (the coach will tell you what to get) and you keep that kit for the whole session)

3)Spray kit and hand sanitise before and after using
We use Virabact anti-viral spray. You spray your kit before and after use. You will also need to hand sanitise as you enter and leave the building

4) Do not attend if you have symptoms
This goes without saying…be sure to contact use if you develop symptoms and have attended sessions in the past 14 days

5) Booking/cancelling sessions mandatory
It is more important that ever (for contact tracing and capacity reasons) that you book into sessions, and cancel if you can’t make it

6) Please arrive on time (not too early) for your session
To not have crowds forming, we’ve had to put 10 minute gaps between sessions. Please arrive no earlier than 5 mins before the sessions start.

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