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Why choose Unity Fitness?

We will actually support you on your journey into health and fitness, along side like minded people.

Personalised approach

We know everyone by name at Unity fitness. You are not just another nameless body in the gym to us. We have a personal relationship with each and every one of you!

Not a normal gym

No mirrors, few machines ...just lots of fun , hard work and motivation to help you get where you want to be!

Sessions to suit all abilities

We make sure that everyone can access our sessions, whatever their ability . From beginner to athlete- we can help you.

Nutrition advice

Through our members area we deliver nutrition and health advice and support. Our 6 week challenge places a huge emphasis on nutrition to get results...and we really hold you to account on this


If you don't come to the gym for even just 1 week, we will be contacting you to see what we can do to help you..exactly the opposite to a traditional gym


We really are a community at Unity Fitness. Everyone knows everyone, and you'll quickly make friends! We also run social events throughout the year and even competitions (don't worry, we don't take ourselves too seriously!)

How it works

Book up a free consultation or session to see what we're all about

6 week challenge

Most people choose to start with our now- famous 6 week challenge- as it gets results!

Strength and Fitness

If you choose our membership, or the 6 week challenge, you’ll work with our personal trainers in groups on strength and fitness exercises…with like minded people, in a supportive environment.

You’ll get results

Through our blend of training, nutrition and accountability , you’ll actually get results when you come to us!

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